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What People are saying about Rob’s Music

“Good job on your tracks I think you are off to a good start. Song construction is very commercial and  good.”
Ben Tankard (Grammy nominated gospel/jazz recording artist and Pastor), Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Georgiana, Connecticut

Remy (Singer, Songwriter, Arranger, Actress, Publisher), California

“[Robbie Mac’s] music is soothing and smooth jazzy like.”
Re’Shaun, Texas

“[Robbie Mac’s] music has a unique sound that gives the listener a different feel after each track.”
Bridgette (Juris Doctor & Pianist), Florida

“[Robbie Mac’s] spirit-filled musical talent is a breath of fresh air, that brings a message of hope in versatile delivery, all for the glory of God.”
Sabrina (Singer, Musician & Artist), Ottawa, Canada

“Absolutely beautiful, very sweet!” [Robbie Mac’s] music has the greatest jazz feel and it is perfect for the soul.”
Shalanda, Maine

“INTERNATIONALLY-THE BESST-With the Robster touch!”
Shawn (Futurist & Visionary), Alabama

“Rob’s music is a mix of R&B, jazz, and soul that embodies today’s culture.”
Crystal (President of Life Entertainment), Florida

“[Robbie Mac’s] music has a Jazz feel, I like it!  Keep doing what you do.”
Naomi (Fox Television), Georgia

“[Robbie Mac’s] music is original, distinct, and enjoyable.”
Howard (Minister & Educator), Mississippi

“Rob, I see your work as creative, motivating and extraordinary.”
Marion, Alabama

“Soothing, relaxing, like a slow rain easing the daily stresses a way.”
Christal, South Carolina

“ features music that is inventive with a jazz inspiration and influence.”
Miracle, Virginia

“Your style of music in my opinion is very eclectic, there’s instrumental variety incorporated in each track in a mellow or vibrant way. You’ve got talent Robbie Mac!”
Shakenda, Alabama

“It has an old school feel but still very modern. You know those old school songs that you never get tired of and you could listen to all day – that’s Rob’s music.”
Kerry (from the recording group – Echoes of Praise), New York

“[Rob’s] music is smooth and relaxing”
Vonetta, California

“Rob’s music takes my breath away. It moves me to praise and worship God.”
Candra (Playwright & Talk Show Host), Cincinnati, Ohio

“I like the beat of it [Rob’s music].”
Denise, Jamaica, West Indies

“88 Keys of Dream truly provides a journey for the spirit and soul…a bit of reflection, moments of light, junctures of joy, tears of blissful praise, breaths of God’s love. Rob is gifted with God inspired music.”
Myrina (Solo Artist & Member of recording group Delree & Deliverance), Arizona

“Rob’s music is very much like his character: calm, soothing, and very well put together.” I would love to collaborate with him in the studio someday.”
Lady-A (Indie Gospel Recording Artist), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Very talented young man”
Integrity Gospel, Mobile, Alabama

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